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Posted in SSZ Info  ·  July 5th 2016

We want to delight our customers. So we have refined our process in response to valued feedback over the years.

We allocate a personal contact to liaise with you and agree your precise requirements, put a plan together for your agreement and confirm all practical details for the event.

You will receive a detailed Booking Confirmation at least two weeks before the programme so you can prepare for the event.

Our presenting team will aim to arrive at your school 90 minutes before the programme starts, to allow plenty of time to set up.

Each of the activities for your students will have Learning Outcomes which will be reviewed and form part of the report sent to you.

On the day, your staff will be present to observe and support, but they will not be required to deliver any of the material.

The programme will be evaluated, by inviting staff and student feedback and free-text comments. This data will then be turned into a detailed report, which will normally arrive with you within 5 working days.  This will provide you with evidence of impact.

Here’s a typical thank you from one school for our detailed evaluation report:

“Hi John,  Firstly a huge thank you to you and your team as both staff and students had a great time and a surprising amount of information has sunk in!   I had a long chat with both Year 9 and Year 10 students who thought it was one of the best activities they have done.   Secondly can I thank you for the Feedback Report as it is very useful as evidence when OFSTED hits us which is expected very soon.”

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