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Reflection is what makes learning stick

SSZ Briefings · 4th February 2018

Research shows that reflecting after learning something new makes it stick in your brain. Even taking just fifteen minutes to reflect on what was learned during the day could significantly affect how well students retain the information.

What are Habits of Mind?

SSZ Briefings · 25th January 2018

Students who have developed these Habits of Mind will be able to apply their learning to an ever-expanding array of challenges

Growth Mindset – Common Misunderstandings

SSZ Briefings · 25th January 2018

Growth mindset leads people to take on challenges they can learn from, to find more effective ways to improve, to persevere in the face of setbacks, to learn from mistakes and to make greater progress.

Essential Work Skills for School Leavers

News & Press · 16th December 2017

Speaking at the CBI annual conference recently, David Cameron called for “an education system that turns out people with the skills necessary to do the jobs that we’re creating in our country today”. And what do business people say those skills are?

‘What Makes Great Teaching? – New Report

SSZ Briefings · 9th November 2017

This 57-page report, published in October 2014 and jointly authored by the Sutton Trust and Durham University, reviews over 200 pieces of research to identify the elements of teaching with the strongest evidence of improving attainment.

‘Habits of Mind’

SSZ Briefings · 4th November 2017

Students who have developed these 'Habits of Mind' will be able to apply their learning to an ever-expanding array of challenges not only in commonly taught subjects in school, but also in their communities, in their world and in their lives.

‘Repetition and Learning’

SSZ Briefings · 3rd November 2017

If you’ve ever wondered why a particular song is catchy, it may be because you’ve heard it before on the radio, in a store, or on a soundtrack.