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Classroom Mindsets

SSZ Briefings · 18th November 2021

Getting a good education for everybody – the equity question – is not just about bricks and mortar, or equal facilities and equal resources but about beliefs, writes Carol S. Dweck, (1) psychology professor at Stanford University.  Dweck wants to […]

Mobiles and Exam Results

SSZ Briefings · 20th October 2021

Mobile Phones – to ban or not to ban? There is no question in this day and age: we are surrounded by technological distractions. With more than 90% of teenagers now owning a mobile phone, it is quite likely that […]

Is it enough for teachers to have a growth mindset?

SSZ Briefings · 5th October 2021

This Briefing – slightly longer than usual – quotes extensively from a new piece of research from PERTS (1), which suggests that what teachers actually do in the classroom is more important than their beliefs when it comes to helping […]

Is genius in the genes?

SSZ Briefings · 14th August 2021

 This was the title of a recent article in the Times Educational Supplement, written by leading neuroscientist Steven Rose, emeritus professor at the Open University. (1) You will guess that, with our commitment to the growth mindset, all of us […]

Career Ambitions Give Emotional Strength and Resilience

SSZ Briefings · 27th March 2021

A survey from London University Institute of Education (1) asked more than 11,000 seven-year-olds what they wanted to be when they grew up. They found that more ambitious children from poorer homes had fewer behavioural problems than those with lesser […]

FREE Student ‘EXAM TIPS’ Poster

SSZ Briefings · 22nd September 2019

UPDATE: *This poster is no longer available – A new one has been designed and will be available soon. In the run up to the exams, we’ve created a FREE 11-point Study Skills Zone GUIDE to help your students prepare. […]

Who will we be?

SSZ Briefings · 15th March 2018

David Eagleman’s stimulating series on The Brain has finally come to an end after six riveting episodes.  He has taken us on a fascinating tour of the brain and how it makes us who we are.  If you’ve not seen […]

Growth Mindset Works … for teachers too

SSZ Briefings · 10th March 2018

“Teachers … should send messages that intelligence is fluid, and they (themselves) need to hear such messages too. They need to keep growing especially in these challenging and changing times. [T]hey, too, need permission to learn – the freedom to […]

Rita Pierson & Making Connections

SSZ Briefings · 10th March 2018

Work can be draining, yes. And we all know that this is especially true of teaching. But this inspirational talk from Rita Pierson will have you up on your feet and ready to take on any challenge. A long-time educator, […]

Gary Lineker: will he or won’t he?

SSZ Briefings · 10th March 2018

So how did Leicester City do it?  How did they beat such high odds to become Premiership champions? Dr Daniel Glaser (1) suggests it may be mainly thanks to their brains.  Neuroscientists and sports psychologists agree that the way a […]