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Why Teachers are so Clever

SSZ Briefings · 24th February 2018

We all know that to teach something well, we need to learn it properly  first. If we then teach it to somebody else, we end up learning it really well ourselves. It’s simply the best known way to learn and […]

What are Habits of Mind?

SSZ Briefings · 25th January 2018

What Are Habits of Mind? Most teachers can easily list the qualities they would like to see their students develop.  These include being: •     independent thinkers •     self-motivated •     inquisitive and •     […]

‘Repetition and Learning’

SSZ Briefings · 3rd November 2017

If you’ve ever wondered why a particular song is catchy, it may be because you’ve heard it before on the radio, in a store, or on a soundtrack. And have you ever counted how many times the chorus repeats in […]

Coding: The New Panacea?

SSZ Briefings · 26th September 2017

As many apprenticeships as university places As we all know, youth unemployment is one of the great problems of our time; and not only in the UK.  At their conference, Labour offered their solution: as many apprenticeships as university places.  […]

‘Effective Learning: Mainly Social’

SSZ Briefings · 15th September 2017

In response to our recent 5-minute Briefing on ‘Academic Mindsets’, one of our readers replied that she enjoys the Briefings and finds them very relevant to her own thinking and practice. We welcome all feedback – positive and negative – […]

‘Kindling A Flame’

SSZ Briefings · 15th September 2017

Education and independent learning During this last couple of weeks, Study Skills Zone presenters have been out on the road.  We have been busy in every corner of the country, in particular running Year 12 induction events for sixth forms.  […]

What Motivates Students?

SSZ Briefings · 31st March 2014

We know that a key question for all teachers is: what is it that motivates a student to want to learn.  We recently came across this research (1) into academic mindsets and thought you might find it as interesting as […]