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About Study Skills Zone

SSZ Info · 14th February 2014

Study Skills Zone is a┬áleading provider of study and revision skills programmes to UK schools and colleges, designed to excite and inspire students to learn. Study and revision skills, also regarded as ‘life’ skills are essential for personal organisation, planning […]

About Our Process

SSZ Info · 14th February 2014

We want to delight our customers. So we have refined our process in response to valued feedback over the years. We allocate a personal contact to liaise with you and agree your precise requirements, put a plan together for your […]

5 Reasons To Choose Study Skills Zone

SSZ Info · 14th February 2014

1. Our programmes are innovative, high impact, interactive and highly engaging. 2. We offer interventions at critical stages of a student’s educational development. 3. Our presenters are professionally qualified trainers with extensive experience in both the education sector and in […]