Essential Work Skills for School Leavers

Posted in News & Press  ·  July 5th 2016

Speaking at the CBI annual conference recently, David Cameron called for “an education system that turns out people with the skills necessary to do the jobs that we’re creating in our country today”.
And what do business people say those skills are?

98% of business leaders say that the important skills which school leavers need as they enter the workplace are:?

• self-management,?

• communication and?

• teamwork skills.

Yet fewer than one in three (32%) business leaders think that schools are doing enough to equip pupils with these skills for the world of work.

These findings came just days after David Cameron’s comments.

They are from a new online survey of over 700 decision makers from British businesses, which was conducted by YouGov on behalf of the PSHE Association during November 2014.

PSHE education is the curriculum subject focused on developing these skills.  However, the Government has resisted attempts to make it compulsory in English schools. This is in spite of 85% of business leaders contacted in this same survey agreeing that the subject should be on the national curriculum.

In the light of this, we were interested to read the recent conclusions of the PSHE expert group set up with funding from the DfE and also the recommendations from the UK Commission for Employment and Skills.




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