Growth Mindset Works … for teachers too

Posted in SSZ Briefings  ·  July 5th 2016

Growth Mindset Works … for teachers too

“Teachers … should send messages that intelligence is fluid, and they (themselves) need to hear such messages too. They need to keep growing especially in these challenging and changing times. [T]hey, too, need permission to learn – the freedom to stretch themselves, make mistakes, and try again. Only in growth mind-set cultures, where teachers … are encouraged to fulfil their potential, will they be able to help their students fulfil their potential in schools that are free of bias.” (1)

Please CLICK HERE to view a video of a TED Talk by Eduardo Briceño, who helps schools and other organisations cultivate a growth mindset culture.

(1) Dweck, CS (2010) “Mind-sets and Equitable Education”, in Principal Leadership 10 (5), pp26-29

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