How to weave growth mindset into school culture

Posted in SSZ Briefings  ·  July 5th 2016

How to weave growth mindset into school culture

Are you already interested in the growth mindset? Have you heard about some schools in the UK who are teaching it through PSHE lessons? Are you considering how you might introduce it into your lessons or your school?

If so, why not read this article by Katrina Schwartz, written on 2 October 2015, entitled ‘How To Weave Growth Mindset Into School Culture’.

It features Arroyo High School in California and how one science teacher there started to make a difference; and it has now been taken on board by all his colleagues. Click here to listen to teacher audio file.

Even more interestingly, it includes the reflections of one of his students, who talks about the difference it has made to her as a learner. Click here to listen to student audio file.

Please click here to view the full printed article.

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