Mastering memory

1hr Online Workshop

Live and online - brought to your school via Zoom, Teams or Meet. One of the five online training workshops we offer.

Key Aims

  • To practise a varied set of memory techniques.
  • To understand how the memory techniques encode information into our long-term memory.
  • To know which techniques to use depending on the context of the ‘to be learned’ information.
  • To understand the theories of renowned psychology professors and grandmasters of memory.
  • To debunk some myths about memory.
  • To enjoy learning new revision skills in a practical, engaging workshop.
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In Brief

  • Duration  Duration

    50 to 60-minutes.

  • Target Year Group  Target Year Group

    Can be tailored to suit year 9, 10 or 11.

  • Pricing  Pricing

    Costs are directly related to student numbers and delivery options.

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