Parent Power

Twilight Workshop (Key Stage 4 Parents)

Parent Power is a practical, activity-based, interactive 45-90 minute workshop. Empower parents to feel more confident about how to help their children develop the essential study techniques to succeed in their revision and exams.

Key Aims

  • Tailor the Parent Power workshop to school's requirements
  • Share current research on the brain and learning
  • Explain the advantages of a ‘growth (rather than fixed) mindset’ and how this influences intelligence
  • Introduce parents to 'Active Learning Techniques'
  • Give parents the knowledge and skills to help them feel more confident about supporting their child with homework, revision and examinations
  • Enable parents to think about their own experiences of learning, both in and out of school, and consider how this affects their view of their child as a learner
  • Give parents an opportunity to talk to other parents or carers about learning and exams
  • Provide a resource booklet to reinforce the learning and offer useful tips to help parents continue to support their child
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The Feedback

  • “As a parent I found this very useful to understand what my child is studying today ... This has really helped me see study in a different & fun way – well done!!”

    Parent A
    Parent Power Programme
  • “Great evening, lots of great tips and ideas to use with my children and myself! Would recommend for all parents and students at exam age.”

    Parent B
    Parent Power Programme
  • “Excellent workshop. Some great ideas & helpful tips. Helped me as a parent. I will reinforce this at home.”

    Parent C
    Parent Power Programme
  • “Very good presentation. Informative and full of good ideas to help in studying.”

    Parent D
    Parent Power Programme
  • “It was worth coming to see what we can do to help our children prepare for their exams. Excellent.”

    Parent E
    Parent Power Programme
  • “Best course of practical advice I have ever attended.”

    Parent F
    Parent Power Programme
  • “The session was excellent. I was very unsure whether it would be of use but I was pleasantly surprised. I also came away energised as I have two daughters doing GCSE and A levels and can find it draining trying to support both through their ups and downs.”

    Parent G
    Parent Power Programme

In Brief

  • Duration  Duration

    45 mins - 90 mins programme. Most popular 60 mins. Best run on the same evening as the student programme. Can be run as part of a traditional parents' evening.

  • Target Year Group  Target Year Group

    For parents of all year groups.

  • Pricing  Pricing

    Costs are directly related to numbers and delivery options. Contact us for a quote.

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