Who will we be?

Posted in SSZ Briefings  ·  July 5th 2016

Who will we be?

David Eagleman’s stimulating series on The Brain has finally come to an end after six riveting episodes.  He has taken us on a fascinating tour of the brain and how it makes us who we are.  If you’ve not seen the last two, they are still available (just) on iPlayer.

Episode 5 of “The Brain with David Eagleman”  is available only until 19 March and it looks at how the human brain needs and relies on other brains to thrive and survive.

Our brains, he says, are primed for social interaction.  Contact with others helps us make sense of ourselves. CLICK HERE TO VIEW EPISODE 5

He also examines what occurs when these normal social interactions break down and he explains how, at a neural level, the Holocaust or Rwanda or Srebrenica can happen.  And he shows original footage from Jane Elliott’s famous “blue eyes – brown eyes” experiment at Riceville School in Iowa back in 1968, immediately following the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

In episode 6, entitled “Who will we be?”, Eagleman journeys into the future and asks what’s next for the human brain and, consequently, for our species.

This episode is only available for another ten daysCLICK HERE TO VIEW EPISODE 6

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