Why Teachers are so Clever

Posted in SSZ Briefings  ·  July 5th 2016

We all know that to teach something well, we need to learn it properly  first. If we then teach it to somebody else, we end up learning it really well ourselves.

It’s simply the best known way to learn and of course is why teachers are so clever and knowledgeable in their own subjects – always having to find effective ways to explain things to students.

‘Peer Learning’ uses the same principle.

Changing the learner’s paradigm of themselves from student to teacher, commits them to learn the material well enough to be able to teach it and supports the two concepts of ‘flipped learning’ and ‘deep learning’.’Peer Learning’ is particularly suited to sixth formers and can significantly improve students’ chances of academic success.’

Peer Learning’ and ‘study groups’ can be very effective, but they tend to be hidden away in the theoretical ‘study skills locker’, rarely seeing the’ light of practical day!’Such a simple idea, yet it’s a powerful learning tool.

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