Drive For Results - Independent Learning

Year 10 & 11 Workshop

Provide your GCSE students with the study techniques and revision strategies essential to prepare them for their examinations. Inspire them to improve their grades and 'drive for results'.

Key Aims

  • Prepare your students for their examination
  • Give them a rudimentary introduction to neuroscience - how the brain actually works
  • Remind them of how they prefer to learn and how to apply this to their studies
  • Examine how ‘growth mindset’ principles can enhance their success (Carol Dweck, Stanford University)
  • Realise that achieving the impossible is all a matter of having the right attitude and asking the right questions
  • Practise strategies for academic success including memory techniques and ‘high gear’ active learning
  • Develop robust self and time management and organisational skills
  • Complete a reality check on how they are spending their time
  • Become familiar with revision strategies & planning
  • Investigate how they are spending their time
  • Learn ways to 'Maximise marks' in exams
  • Manage homework and prepare for Controlled Assessments
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The Feedback

  • “Manage homework and prepare for Controlled Assessments”

    Drive For Results Student A
    Year 10
  • “Overall I know the course will help me a lot. I now know that you can achieve anything if you try hard enough.”

    Drive For Results Student B
    Year 10
  • “The test at the beginning was an eye opener and will change how I read questions.”

    Drive For Results Student C
    Year 10
  • “I think today was very interesting, I have learnt a lot more than when I came in today, plus the people got us involved straight away so I was interested immediately.”

    Drive For Results Student D
    Year 10
  • “This was a brilliant half-day programme and just what I wanted for my Year 11 students as they begin the final run in to their GCSEs. Matt Watson and the other two presenters possessed both delivery skills and infectious enthusiasm, which left our student”

    James Slattery
    Chipping Campden School, Gloucestershire
  • “This was all I had hoped for. In an enjoyable and relaxed way, my students have acquired additional skills in revision and study, particularly with regard to learning styles and memory techniques. They discovered that learning can be fun and that revision”

    Graham Helliwell
    Skegness Grammar School
  • “I needed Study Skills Zone to give them some study and revision skills, but I also wanted them to inspire them and really make them feel good about themselves and their chances. They did this brilliantly – as you can see from the feedback the staff”

    Mr Paul Shone - Headteacher
    Holly Lodge Science College, Smethwick, near Birmingham
  • “One of our aims is to become an outstanding school and for this we need to maintain top exam results. The 'Drive for Results' programme offered by Study Skills Zone is part of our annual plan to achieve this.”

    Keith Defter
    Headteacher, Commonweal School, Swindon
  • “This seems to have been just the fillip our students needed. Exam techniques are necessary but, more than anything else, students need to believe in themselves – that they can achieve. This seems to have been a key message from today.”

    Paul Shone
    Head, Holly Lodge Specialist Science College, West Midlands

In Brief

  • Duration  Duration

    2 - 21/2 - hour programme. Can be easily extended to a full-day motivational event, combined with employability, work experience, enterprise, financial awareness or team building themes.

  • Target Year Group  Target Year Group

    Years 10 & 11, Age Range 14 - 16

  • Pricing  Pricing

    Costs are directly related to student numbers and delivery options. Contact us for a quote.

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