To Excite And Inspire Students To Learn

The Growth Mindset is central to our work at Study Skills Zone.

We think intelligence is not fixed; we believe it’s malleable and can grow. Therefore every student, through effort and hard work, can achieve great things. Our mission is to nurture students’ intrinsic motivation for learning and help them understand that they truly have an Amazing Brain.

Our People

Our professional presenters are passionate, enthusiastic and inspirational people who deliver exciting programmes in schools throughout the UK.

  • Matt Watson

    Matt Watson
    Managing Director
  • Ged Ward

    Ged Ward
    Educational consultant
  • Mike Watson

    Mike Watson
  • Stuart Kinghorn

    Stuart Kinghorn
    Account Manager
  • Gordon Sparke

    Gordon Sparke
    Account Manager / Presenter
  • Zoe Watson

    Zoe Watson
    Account Manager / Presenter
  • Sean Moses

    Sean Moses
  • Tracey Sheldon

    Tracey Sheldon
  • Steve James

    Steve James
    Creative Director
  • Ben Simmons

    Ben Simmons
  • Hayley Simmons

    Hayley Simmons

Our Process

We want to delight our customers.
So we have refined our process in response to valued feedback over the years.

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Study Skills Zone

Study Skills Zone

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