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Classroom Mindsets

SSZ Briefings · 18th November 2021

Getting a good education for everybody – the equity question – is not just about bricks and mortar, or equal facilities and equal resources but about beliefs, writes Carol S. Dweck.

Mobiles and Exam Results

SSZ Briefings · 20th October 2021

We picked up with Peaches, a student at Holly Lodge 11-19 Science College, who decided to put our advice to the test. You can find out how she got on, in this short 2-minute video above.

Is Collaboration Cheating?

News & Press · 13th October 2021

'Teams' is how the world now operates. Sometimes, our school system may seem to suggest to young people that cooperation is cheating. But teamwork is about helping them to produce good work through sharing their strengths.

Is genius in the genes?

SSZ Briefings · 14th August 2021

This was the title of a recent article in the Times Educational Supplement, written by leading neuroscientist Steven Rose, emeritus professor at the Open University. (1) You will guess that, with our commitment to the growth mindset, all of us here at Study Skills Zone were interested to read this article. And it then seemed only fair that we should prepare a Briefing for all our readers.

Top Performing School Embraces Growth Mindset

News & Press · 28th March 2019

Upton Hall School FCJ a Roman Catholic grammar school for girls aged 11-18, recently conceived an imaginative week of study skills and 'growth mindset' initiative for all 950 students and also 200 parents!

Who will we be?

SSZ Briefings · 15th March 2018

David Eagleman’s stimulating series on The Brain has finally come to an end after six riveting episodes. He has taken us on a fascinating tour of the brain and how it makes us who we are. If you’ve not seen the last two, they are still available (just) on iPlayer.