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Growth Mindset Works … for teachers too

SSZ Briefings · 10th March 2018

Only in growth mind-set cultures, where teachers ... are encouraged to fulfil their potential, will they be able to help their students fulfil their potential in schools that are free of bias.

Growth Mindset v Fixed Mindset

SSZ Briefings · 4th March 2018

A ‘fixed mindset’ is one that says: “My abilities are carved in stone”. This belief creates an urgency to prove yourself – over and over! A ‘growth mindset’ however is based on a belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate and grow, through your own efforts ...

Our Brains & Our IQ

SSZ Briefings · 28th February 2018

Many people think of our brain as a mystery – it is hidden from sight and therefore we cannot properly understand it. In the same way, many of us don’t really know much about intelligence – what it is and how it works ...

Why Teachers are so Clever

SSZ Briefings · 24th February 2018

We all know that to teach something well, we need to learn it properly first. If we then teach it to somebody else, we end up learning it really well ourselves.

Secret of Finnish Success

SSZ Briefings · 21st February 2018

We were intrigued to read recently in the Times Educational Supplement about the comments of Pasi Sahlberg, a leading education campaigner and government official in Finland.

Parental Engagement

SSZ Briefings · 19th February 2018

Here at Study Skills Zone, we spend a lot of time figuring out how best to help students learn and remember things in maths – and in other subjects.